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Data sheet for Horsens Spån Teknik A/S

Main activities

To be subcontractor within the machining of all types of materials. Our equipment is optimal where high technical requirements.

We can also offer:

  • Manufacturing of large as well as small series.
  • Docomentation according to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Top motivated employess.
  • Flexible in all areas.
  • Delevery security
  • ​Efficient in production logistic.

CNC - Turning

  • One Haas ST-40L lathe, Max Ø648mm, Max turning length 2032mm, Spindle passaged Ø102mm, Steady rest and rotating tools.
  • 3 stk Okuma LB 25 lathe all with steady rest and pinol support, Ø80 spindle passaged.
  • 4 stk Okuma LB 15 lathe  Ø250mm, Max  600mm lenght
  • Okuma LT 10-M 2 S with automatic feed
  • Okuma Genos L300E-M with loading magazine.
  • Okuma LVT 300-M with automatic feeding table.
  • Robot cell with Okuma LT300-M og LB2000-M-C, samt Motoman robot
  • Mazak Intergrex 300 - 2Y med max diameter Ø 600 og max lenght 1500mm. Programmable steady rest.
  • All machines connected to internal net, with GIBBS file handling

CNC - Milling

  • 3 stk Fadal 4020 X = 1000mm Y = 500mm Z = 700mm, programmerable dividing head, max Ø250
  • 1 stk Mazak VTC 20B X = 1000mm Y = 500mm Z = 700mm
  • Okuma MX60 palettemaskine, X=1000mm, Y=800mm, Z=800mm, Palette charger  630 X 630mm, diverse opspændingskuber.
  • YCM Supermax FV 56 A with paletts
  • 2 Haas VF 2SS with dividing head
  • 2 Haas VF 4SS with dividing head
  • All machines connected to internal net, with GIBBS file handling

NC - Shortening

  • Behringer HP Ø420 NC
  • Doall C Ø420mm på NC band saw
  • Doall Ø305mm på NC band saw
  • 3 shortening saws with firm fixture, more than 100.000 cut /year.
  • Some small band saws

Other Machines

  • Fork lift trucks 1000- 1500 og 2500 kilo.
  • magnet-test equipment.
  • Pressure testing.
  • Welding
  • Glasblowing  max 610x420 lenght max 1500mm

​Future supplier...........naturally



Horsens Spån Teknik A/S


Ny Kirkevej 2, Ølsted

8723 Løsning


Telefon: +45 7565 2469

E-mail: info@hst.dk